Thursday, June 24, 2010

Step Up Your Game!

“If you want to be accepted as a professional… you must project yourself as a professional.”

Being a professional, it's important to look the part. For a woman, that means having fingernails and toenails done every week or two, haircuts and coloring every four to six weeks, waxing, facials, and perhaps even a massage now and then. In addition, there are clothes for work and for special occasions, and especially for job interviews.

Body language and appearance give a lot of information about a person. In general, the first thing(s) that someone notices about you are your hands, teeth and even your toenails, if wearing open-toed shoes. These things project a lot of information about a person and it is very important to be well manicured.

The services I provide are professional services that include manicures and pedicures for men and women as well as nail enhancements for women who have difficulty obtaining the look they want naturally.

In addition, I also provide designer nail services to include gel and acrylic products, Minx, and all the newest trends in the industry!

Be sure to read through my website where you will find much information that will help you in deciding which services will best suit your personal style!


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