Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Remember the Good Ole' Days?

Remember when customer service was the highest priority in any business setting? I cannot tell you how often I go into different types of businesses and the attendant was doing anything but making me feel that my hard-earned dollars were appreciated!

When I was much younger and working in the restaurant business as a waitress, I was trained that "the customer is ALWAYS right," and that it was my sole mission in life to make the customer feel welcome, find everything they need and leave happy with their purchase or service so that they would return in the future.

Gone are those days! Or so it seems... I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into a convenient store and the cashier would be on the phone, or made me feel like I was infringing on their personal life and interrupting whatever they were doing in order for them to check out the items I was purchasing! UGH! That really annoys me! I absolutely cannot stand to enter a department store and the employees do not greet you with a smile or, at the very least, a "hi, can I help you today?"

Well, you can still get great customer service with me at
Everything Nailz Ink! I completely customize services and tailor them to fit your needs and your lifestyle!

Whether you enjoy blingy designer nails or prefer natural manicures and pedicures, you can always get cutting-edge, immaculate services from me! AND I stand behind my products and services, so if you feel there is a problem I will be more than glad to resolve any issues to the best of my ability.

I provide a wide variety of manicures, pedicures and enhancements, so be sure to look through my menu at my website, www.everythingnailzink.com to find services to fit your specifications. All the menu tabs are across the top of my homepage.

In addition, I believe it is necessary to educate my clients by posting articles here discussing products, services, and topics of discussion that you post in comments here or on my Fan page in Facebook! So, be sure to follow me!

I welcome you to go to my website and print out the FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE that I have available to first-time clients! You will never know the difference in the service I provide compared to other nail salons in the area! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you just how different it is! Be sure to stay linked into my Facebook and/or Twitter to get up-to-date news and events!

Melody C. Montgomery

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