Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kill Stubborn Toenail Fungus

Are you too self-conscious to break out those sandals now that warmer weather is coming in because you have a severe toenail fungus that you have been battling with forever and it just will not go away? Have you tried everything including oral medications and topical solutions with no results?

Now there is a new laser procedure available on the market! Here is a video to demonstrate the procedure! This video was created by my friend, Athena Elliot who is a medical nail technician in Texas. This procedure is also available in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Click on this link:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are You Gel'N?

Well… are you? LOL!

So you went to "McNails" at the mall… or "Nails-R-Us" at Walmart…. And you sat in a chair at a nail table engaging in a conversation that you cannot understand. You smile and nod, wondering if the technician is talking to you.. or ABOUT you…. Hmmmm… still not sure….

You pay for a product they told you is “gel nails”… but.. is it? The odds are about 1 in 25 that you actually DO have gel on your nails!

Yes…. Sadly, it is true. Many NSS salons will put acrylic on the clients, airbrush a white tip for the French style, then slap a UV cured top-coat and tell their clients they have “gel” nails… and CHARGE them for gels… but.. if this describes an experience you have had before, you were DUPED!

A gel topcoat does not a gel-nail make! If someone is doing your nails, and they take a brush (that looks much like some sort of paint brush), and dip it in a small container of some high-smelling liquid (which is called “monomer”), and then take the wet brush and dip in into some container of powder, (which is called a “polymer”), then I do not care HOW you color it… THAT IS STILL ACRYLIC!

It really ticks me off how these places falsely advertise what they are selling. Their shoddy work and “less than immaculate” sanitation and customer service really gives those of us who are professionals a bad rap. So many people that have frequented these NSS salons have come to me with severe nail damage, product that is yellow and discolored, nails that look like someone with NO experience did them… it’s really sad. I hope all of you will come to me! It amuses me that the first item on their list of “pros” for coming to me is that I speak English! :D

Now, in all fairness, not all the nails I have seen coming out of some of those shops are that bad. I have seen some pretty work come out of one or two of those local NSS salons. But… is it worth risking your health? Do they sanitize their implements with EPA approved disinfectant? Can you be certain?

I guarantee my work and my product. Period. I guarantee that my implements, pedicure bowls, files—everything—is sanitary according to the State Board of Cosmetic Arts of North Carolina… and more. I guarantee that my gel IS gel. I also do acrylics, but my gels are TRUE gels. My products NEVER yellow.

Are you tired of yellow nails? Do you want a nail artist that is mindful of disease control and is a professional? Then, by all means, call me and set up your appointment today!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff??

I mean, really…. We all like free stuff! And you get a whole lot of free stuff by becoming my client!

First of all, I customize your services to fit your specific personal needs and lifestyle. You won’t find cookie-cutter services at my table! On your first visit, I will do an initial consult to discuss your specific needs. We will then determine what products and services are best tailored to suit you. I keep charts for each of my clients that include so much more than just your contact information!

Next, I determine color swatches that match your skin tones and wardrobe palettes. This becomes important at times for my clients who have careers that dictate certain wardrobe etiquette. Even my artificial services—gels and acrylics—are tailored by using colors to match your skin tones for a more natural appearance!

I carry specific lines of lotions, oils, scrubs and extras to compliment your services for home maintenance with the program I prescribe for your individual needs. I also educate my clients so that you will never be taken advantage of again by Non-Standard Salons, (hereafter referred to as NSS shops/salons).

I use only the highest quality products and tools for the services I provide to my clients. I am a firm believer that you are only as good as the tools of your trade, and I use only the best! My acrylic and gel products are MMA-free, they do not yellow (even from the tanning bed), and every time you leave my table after your maintenance appointment, you ALWAYS look like you just had a new set done! That is my guarantee! Also, I stand behind my work: If, in 14 days, you have any problems with my product or my workmanship… I fix it! FREE! (WOW! More free stuff!)

I do not glue tips; I sculpt my nails. Therefore, my nails are more expensive… but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! And, if you are a regular client of mine, YOU GET SO MUCH MORE!

So, if you appreciate superb quality in product and services… if you want to have services provided to you by someone who adheres to and surpasses Sanitation Laws as prescribed by the State Board of Cosmetology…. If you like getting much more than your money’s worth… then by all means… Make your appointment right away!

Be sure to check out my website for a full list of services with complete descriptions, monthly specials and much more!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get Your Minx On!

Minx Nail Fashion is the latest, greatest, most innovative product to hit the market in the last year! Minx is a solid nail coating that comes in foil and sparkly metallic colors, photo-quality designs, and many other colors! But, that’s not all! Minx is made of vinyl film--NOT POLISH--so it outlasts polish and is the newest trend in nail design! Just imagine – you can have nails that really kick up the wow factor in your wardrobe! Get YOUR Minx on today! Go to to find out more!