Thursday, June 24, 2010

Step Up Your Game!

“If you want to be accepted as a professional… you must project yourself as a professional.”

Being a professional, it's important to look the part. For a woman, that means having fingernails and toenails done every week or two, haircuts and coloring every four to six weeks, waxing, facials, and perhaps even a massage now and then. In addition, there are clothes for work and for special occasions, and especially for job interviews.

Body language and appearance give a lot of information about a person. In general, the first thing(s) that someone notices about you are your hands, teeth and even your toenails, if wearing open-toed shoes. These things project a lot of information about a person and it is very important to be well manicured.

The services I provide are professional services that include manicures and pedicures for men and women as well as nail enhancements for women who have difficulty obtaining the look they want naturally.

In addition, I also provide designer nail services to include gel and acrylic products, Minx, and all the newest trends in the industry!

Be sure to read through my website where you will find much information that will help you in deciding which services will best suit your personal style!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Remember the Good Ole' Days?

Remember when customer service was the highest priority in any business setting? I cannot tell you how often I go into different types of businesses and the attendant was doing anything but making me feel that my hard-earned dollars were appreciated!

When I was much younger and working in the restaurant business as a waitress, I was trained that "the customer is ALWAYS right," and that it was my sole mission in life to make the customer feel welcome, find everything they need and leave happy with their purchase or service so that they would return in the future.

Gone are those days! Or so it seems... I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into a convenient store and the cashier would be on the phone, or made me feel like I was infringing on their personal life and interrupting whatever they were doing in order for them to check out the items I was purchasing! UGH! That really annoys me! I absolutely cannot stand to enter a department store and the employees do not greet you with a smile or, at the very least, a "hi, can I help you today?"

Well, you can still get great customer service with me at
Everything Nailz Ink! I completely customize services and tailor them to fit your needs and your lifestyle!

Whether you enjoy blingy designer nails or prefer natural manicures and pedicures, you can always get cutting-edge, immaculate services from me! AND I stand behind my products and services, so if you feel there is a problem I will be more than glad to resolve any issues to the best of my ability.

I provide a wide variety of manicures, pedicures and enhancements, so be sure to look through my menu at my website, to find services to fit your specifications. All the menu tabs are across the top of my homepage.

In addition, I believe it is necessary to educate my clients by posting articles here discussing products, services, and topics of discussion that you post in comments here or on my Fan page in Facebook! So, be sure to follow me!

I welcome you to go to my website and print out the FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE that I have available to first-time clients! You will never know the difference in the service I provide compared to other nail salons in the area! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you just how different it is! Be sure to stay linked into my Facebook and/or Twitter to get up-to-date news and events!

Melody C. Montgomery

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Nails! Now What?


You just had your brand new set of nails done! What now?

Caring for your nails at home will play a major role in how well your enhancements hold up, whether you just had a brand new set applied or if you just had a maintenance service done, (fillin).

Your natural nails will grow out underneath your enhancement services, (gels or acrylics), and will be exposed underneath. The natural nail is porous. The exposed portions of the natural nail plate underneath the enhancement will still absorb water every time your hands get wet; i.e., hand washing, showers, washing dishes, etc.

In the process of getting wet .. then drying out.. then getting wet.. then drying back out... the natural nail plate has the tendency to dry out underneath the enhancement, making them more brittle. This is what causes the natural nail to separate from the product underneath the service, usually at the free-edge or end of the nail.

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Therefore, it is very important that you purchase a professional quality cuticle oil to use several times weekly to help prevent this from occurring. Massaging cuticle oil around the cuticles and over the entire nail plate helps prevent lifting and separation issues with your enhancements. It is particularly important for you to apply the oil UNDERNEATH the nail to rehydrate the natural nail plate that is exposed to the daily stress your hands are under during the normal activities of your day.

Follow up with a concentrated cream on hands after applying the cuticle oil. Massage the cream into the cuticles and nails as well. Regular practice of this five-minute process will help prevent lifting, separation and other types of service breakdown that causes broken or chipped enhancements between fillins.

Please remember it is important to get your fillins every two to three weeks to insure proper balance of the enhancement. Nail enhancements are specifically CONSTRUCTED so that proper reinforcement is placed in the stress areas of the nail in order to ensure your enhancements are protected from impact breakage. In two weeks, your natural nails have grown out one-eighth of an inch. Therefore, the constructed reinforced areas of your enhancements have also grown out of place the same amount, rendering your nail at higher risk of breakage.

Melody C. Montgomery

Nails Specialist, Artist, Educator

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So You Want To Do Nails....

~~~~~~NEW IN 2010!~~~~~

So... you want to be a Nail Tech? AWESOME! It is the GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Sadly, very few people are choosing this career any more..

It is a tough career choice, but if you are doing what you love, then it is never work!

In 2010, I am cranking up a mentoring program to help you learn how to get started in the nail industry!

Are you a new tech entering the industry? Or a tech who has been in the business for a while but want to improve your application skills or learn a new product? Contact me and we will schedule a Mentor Session.
I will teach you gel and/or acrylic enhancement application, Minx application, varied nail art techniques, different product lines and many tips and tricks of the trade! I will help you learn to market yourself and your services! And much more!
My name is Melody C. Montgomery and I have been a licensed manicurist since 1995.
I attended Mitchell's Academy in Goldsboro, NC to study manicuring and I am a Nail Design Grand Master certified by Creative Nail Design. I have been trained by some of the industry's top nail artists and educators in the nation! Recently having learned a brand new trend-setting style of nail design and products, I now provide custom nail design as well as the newest innovative trend in nail art, Minx !
I stay on top of new advancements in technology, new products and techniques because it is my mission to provide the newest trends in the nail enhancement/ natural nail industry. I provide a wide variety of nail services geared toward natural nails as well as enhancement services that include gels, acrylics, and even wraps, in some cases.
It is my belief that what separates my work from everyone else is that I customize your services to create a look that JUST FOR YOU!
Not only have I been professionally trained and licensed by many of the top names in the Nail Industry; my sanitation standards exceed those required by the State Board of Cosmetic Arts.
REMEMBER to check my website DAILY, as I make changes and run different specials weekly... sometimes DAILY! Also you will always find good deals at the Special Promotions page as well as other educational information for my clients as I build this website over time.
Be sure to join my blog to stay on top of up and coming products and trends in nail fashion as well as learn what is truth and fiction regarding nail salons and products. By becoming a member, it just means you will receive emails when I post new blogs!
I have tried to design my services so that anyone can feel comfortable to come and be pampered! I include a lot of service in my pricing that you will not get anywhere else. You won't know until you come and find out what the difference is!
Look forward to seeing you soon!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Welcome to 2010! The new decade is bringing new things in fashion and nails!

Manicures and pedicures are no longer about getting polished.. but about BEING POLISHED and an essential part of the whole fashion statement. "Bling" was a term coined in 2009 and will be more popular than ever this year. Nail "art" has evolved into "Nail Jewelry" and fast becoming the finishing touch in any wardrobe.

Colors this year will be metallic golds and silvers, whether designed in custom gels or acrylics or just polish on natural nails.

Pictured here are Stiletto nails designed in custom-colored acrylics created by one of my favorite nail artists, Nickolette Balaugh. You can find more of her work on Facebook!

Nail enhancements are changing dramatically using colors, glitters and mylars to create gorgeous designs for the wearer based on their personal tastes in colors and shapes.

MINX nails will still be on the forefront bringing nail design to natural nails without causing damage. Their new "Tease" line of products have revolutionized nail art for nails without adding enhancements. Of course, Minx can be applied to enhancements as well!

Pictured here are Minx nails applied by me on one of my newest clients. As shown here, you can mix and match different designs in any way you choose!

Minx has many different colors and designs to choose from and I keep several different ones on hand.

Where can you get YOUR customized nail fashion or nail jewelry? Where else but at Salon 535 in Ayden where I am located! I have many time slots available including evenings and Saturdays in order to accomodate even the most hectic of schedules!

Be sure to check out my website, and check out my menu! Follow me on Twitter! @EvrythngNailz or become a Fan on Facebook!

Everything Nailz Ink

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's Hot For This Season!

NAILS this season are ANYTHING GOES!! Stiletto nails are the newest trend, along with Edge nails, so step outside "the box" and be the first in eastern North Carolina to rock some of these new trends! (click on those links to see examples of each!)

Today marks the first official day of autumn, and winter will blow in before you can wrangle the newest jacket styles into your closets! So sparkling silvers will be a great look whether in muted metallic tones or go for it and be more daring by "blinging" on the glitter!

Nails trends will rock rich, dark shades of purples and berries and charcoal will be the new black in either a matte or glossy finish. Interestingly enough, to top things off, GREENS will be among the daring nail colors to hit this season! Really dark greens imply
a mysterious side of you with anything you wear!

MINX nail fashion is tearing up the runways and the Celebrity's Choice of fashion! Be sure to check out Minx at my website! I provide Minx manis and pedis among my list of services! Customize your Minx and set your own fashion trend!

For your set of designer nails (Stilettos or Edge), or if you are not quite that daring (wink!) and want to sport some Rock Star nails (glittery gels on toes or fingers), give me a call to make your appointment! Or just click on over to my main web site,, and contact me from there!

As always, Pink and White gels or acrylics are always available among many other services I have available for you to choose from!

Check out my new online calendar where you can find an a
ppointment slot that works with your schedule! (Note: be sure to click on the "week" tab on the top right corner of the calendar for easier reading!)

Click on "Make An Appointment" page for all my contact information! Also, you will notice that Gift Certificates are available for purchase online now!

Melody C. Montgomery

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Minx Gypsy

Hey Everybody!

Well, I went to Vegas with Athena Elliot to provide nail services for Beyonce's band. It was a blast! The girls were really awesome! Each of them were really kewl peeps.. down to earth, real people.. that is so awesome to me!

I have been doing lots of traveling lately... I have always been a gypsy.. and I always will.... Went to Pittsburg, PA last weekend for another awesome HRTE class! Met the #1 competitor in nails in the US, Trang Nguyen! Wow, he is a really great guy and a greater nail artist! Learning from him was an honor and an experience I will never forget!

I hope to be going to one of his Nail Camps!

Been picking up lots of new tricks and treats! Be sure to check out my website! LOTS of new things going on there!

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